Nuuniverse, meet Nuun Rest Nuun’s newest addition to our hydration line-up. Nuun Rest is a soothing drink blend that comes in a nutrient-rich effervescent tablet form and is available in two new flavors: Lemon Chamomile and Blackberry Vanilla. Drop in 4-6 oz. of water (hint: hot water + Nuun Rest = delish!), sip it down and let your stress melt away. Need some extra R&R? Nuun Rest to the rest-cue!

Why Nuun Rest?

Proper rest and recovery are absolutely fundamental to overall health and wellness (not just for athletes). We created Nuun Rest as a tasty aid to promote nightly restfulness and muscular recovery. Nuun Rest was formulated with effective amounts of magnesium, tart cherry and potassium to help support the body’s natural relaxation functions.

Active Ingredients in Nuun Rest

As is true of the magnesium that is found in our other hydration products, this electrolyte is paramount in helping the body restore to a restful state. It allows the brain to calm down the nerve functions that are used for large muscle groups. It also helps to keep the heart beat steady. Over 50% of athletes are magnesium deficient, which prevents optimal recovery from long or exerting workouts. Magnesium consumption is an excellent and natural way to wind-down before bed.

Tart cherry is an amazing supplement often used by athletes for post-workout recovery. It works to reduce inflammation of and soreness in the muscles (Can you say #restdaybrags?). Tart cherry also contains natural amounts of melatonin which help to promote a more restful night of sleep.

When your muscles are contracted, or even still tense from a recent workout…your body has a hard time calming down. Muscle contractions read as an internal “on switch” to the rest of our bodies. In order to begin to truly rest and recover, our main muscle groups need to lead the way in terms of relaxation. Potassium is an important electrolyte in support of muscle relaxation and the prevention of cramping.

When to use

Nuun Rest is a great product to have waiting for you on your nightstand for nightly bedtime routine. Calming rapid brain activity and relieving the body of physical stress will whisk you into a deeper sleep, faster. Make sure to keep Nuun Rest in mind for workout recovery. Melt the tension away from you muscle and ease into a more recovered tomorrow. Lastly, Nuun Rest is a delicious and soothing way to reduce overall stress. Its ingredients help to relieve physical tension from the body and calm the mind.

Due to Nuun Rest’s high levels of magnesium (300mg) only 1 serving per day is recommended!

We hope you enjoy Nuun Rest and sip your way to a more restful today!


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