Introducing The Podium Series

Elevate your performance with the Podium Series.

Today we are thrilled to introduce two new products, to join Nuun Endurance in creating an elite, plant-based supplement system to help athletes like you make the most of their training. The Podium Series was developed by Nuun’s research team, based on the latest in sports science, and with the help of renowned exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Dr. Stacy Sims. We created The Podium Series for the high-intensity and endurance athlete to optimize their workout performance. The Podium Series’ 3-part supplement system considers the unique physiological needs of the athlete before, during and after workouts to bring out the best in their performance, day after day. Learn more about each part of The Podium Series below-

Introducing Nuun Prime

Nuun Prime is your warm-up’s warm up. Formulated to be consumed 45-60 minutes before your workout, Nuun Prime gives your body and mind that “lets-get-muuving” feeling. Our ultra-hydrating, plant-based pre-workout drink mix is formulated with electrolytes, vegan BCAAs and adaptogens (panax ginseng) to maximize hydration, increase mental focus, and defend your muscles from excessive fatigue. 

Re-Introducing Nuun Endurance

Nuun Endurance might not be new to the Nuun lineup, but it is getting a snazzy new makeover to match its Podium Series partners. Nuun Endurance is designed to be consumed during your workouts for sustained hydration. Its balanced blend of electrolytes and efficient carbohydrates minimizes GI distress and delivers optimal hydration benefits when you’re in it for the long haul. Nuun Endurance is a favorite of the endurance running community and was served on-course at the most recent LA Marathon!   

Introducing Nuun Recover

Nuun Recover is designed to minimize the time it takes to get back up and running after an intense workout. Made to be consumed immediately after your workout, Nuun Recover jumpstarts your rehydration and muscle repair with our all-star combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and Vegan BCAAs. Nuun Recover also include L-Glutamine for immune system support and muscle recovery.  

A New Level of Performance Supplements

Experience training like never before with The Podium Series. Optimized with hydrating electrolytes, invigorating adaptogens and fortifying plant-based BCAAs The Podium Series delivers the nutrients your body needs when it needs them the most.

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