Pre-Work Workouts

Getting sweaty before going to work? It’s better than it sounds! Research demonstrates that pre-work fitness has a multitude of benefits including extra energy, lower stress, and an improved ability to concentrate. So, here’s what you need to know about how to maximize and strategize your pre-work workouts. Whether you’re an early morning workout warrior or a snooze button smasher, this guide is a good place to get started rising and shining.

The Commuter Life

Running to work? Good news, there’s an entire blog post just for you! If you’re not running to work, but still using your commute to break a sweat then chances are you’re probably biking. There are over 800,000 bike commuters in the US with an average commute time of about 20 minutes. In addition to being great for the planet (reducing the number of cars on the road and the fuel demands to power them) a bike ride of 20 minutes burns on average about 200 calories (that’s basically a donut).

 If you’re new to biking to work, you should educate yourself on the basics of road safety and basic bike maintenance. It’s never a bad idea to first practice your work commute on the weekend to get an idea of timing and work out the finer points of your route without weekday traffic or an early morning race against the clock.

Studio Fitness

If you’re an early bird with a penchant for group fitness classes you’re in luck. More and more studios and gyms are offering early classes in everything from Crossfit to hot yoga. When you’re considering your group class options make sure you’re building in enough time to change and shower before you get to the office. The good news is that (in our experience) early morning class sizes are smaller so the line for the showers will be shorter. But if you work in an office that’s more business casual than just regular casual it might be a challenge to look as good as you’ll feel. Plan accordingly.

Tools of the Trade

No matter what kind of pre-work workout you’re planning, there are few things to add to your bag that will help the day run smoothly (pun intended). Shower wipes, deodorant, and an extra change of clothes are the foundation of a pre-work post-workout reset. If you’re a person who needs caffeine to start the day, consider substituting Nuun with Caffeine for your regular cup of joe. Coffee is delicious, sure, but Nuun with Caffeine hydrates while it hypes. Plus, Nuun’s caffeine is derived from a green tea extract which means it’s a steady lift of energy instead of a peak and crash. But the most important thing you can bring to your workout in the morning is a rise and shine attitude. So, get up and get going!

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