Re-purpose your Empty Tubes

We bet you know your empty Nuun tubes are recyclable, but repurposing the empties is even better! They're waterproof, sweatproof, and perfectly portable. And when you drink as much Nuun as we do, you come up with ways to reuse your empties. Here are 9 of our favorites!

  1. To hold all the bib pins we've collected from races over the years.
  2. To protect our matches while camping in our rainy PNW.
  3. To keep our headphones tangle free.

  1. To carry snacks on a run or ride.
  2. To store extra hair ties and clips in our gym bag.
  3. To store a bike patch kit.
  4. To store first aid supplies.

  1. To bring salad dressing for our lunch.
  2. To carry a few emergency crayons for our kiddos.


How do you reuse your tubes?


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