Road Trip 2020: The New Packing Essentials

It’s no secret that 2020 has changed the game on travel. With many feeling apprehensive about flying, and global travel options being limited, people are turning to self-contained road trips to get them from place to place and find some scenic adventures along the way. If you’re new to road trips or just looking for a packing list refresher, check out our guide to the new road trip essentials for 2020.

Extra Masks- Masks are the new underwear—Pack more of them than you think you’ll need and always wear a clean one. When you’re on the road and not certain of having access to a washing machine, keeping extra masks handy is crucial. Afterall, what if you drop your mask in a puddle while filling up your car at a gas station? You’re going to be glad you have extras. 

Trash Bags- You might have been able to get away with stuffing extra trash in the side door of your car on previous journeys, but because of the abundance of take-out containers you’ll be encountering on your trip in 2020 you’ll want to ensure you have a leak-proof place to keep everything between stops. Trash bags also make great emergency ponchos and can double as laundry bags for dirty clothes (but be sure to label any that you’re using as a laundry bag because you don’t want to accidentally toss out your dirty socks at a gas station).  

Hand Sanitizer- We probably should have been carrying this in our cars already… But we certainly are now. Why? Rest stop bathrooms. Need we say more? Ok, gas station fuel pumps. Need we say more? Ok, doors. All of them. 

Emergency Blanket- Especially as we head into the colder months, an emergency blanket can be crucial to your survival in an emergency situation. Flat tires, sudden storms, or even a serious traffic jam can put you in a position where you have to turn off your car and wait for the situation to improve. An emergency blanket (one for every person in the car) is an essential item you might never use, but you’ll be glad you have it you need it. Bonus Points: Read up on the safest way to await emergency assistance in your vehicle. 

Water/Hydration- Dehydration is a drag. The symptoms (like headache and fatigue) are the last thing you want to struggle with while navigating a road trip. To avoid dehydration, keep an ample supply of potable water with you at all times. We personally advocate refillable water bladders over single use disposable bottles so you can refill your supply at stops with good drinking water. Should you find yourself accidentally dehydrated (hey, it happens!) Nuun Instant is the fastest way to rehydrate and keep you feeling good on the open road. 

Snacks and Emergency Snacks- There’s a difference between snacks and emergency snacks. One set should be kept readily available for your on-the-go munching pleasure. These are snacks and they’re for snacking! Emergency snacks however should be tucked away and saved only for emergencies. Conditions on the road can be unpredictable and you don’t want to be relying on a half-eaten can of Pringles to get you through the night as you wait for fog to lift or roadside assistance to appear.  

Is your road trip also a camping trip? Check out our five fall and winter camping essentials blog!   



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