A Nuun Tube on a blue background with slices of watermelon.

Have you ever slowed down and tried to take notice of the little things in life? With this in mind, we’re turning our attention to one of the more deceptively simple product packages on the market: The Nuun Tube.

Starting from the top down we’re sharing the features and functions of each element of the classic Nuun tube…

The Pop Top

It’s not a twist off! Made of plastic and designed to be popped off with your thumb, the Nuun tube lid is a surprisingly complex piece of engineering. It has the tamper ring of plastic which slides off the bottom of the tube when it’s no longer attached to the top lid. It has a nifty spring-like internal stopper that holds tablets snugly in place and keeps them from breaking while they bounce around on the go. Hold the cap up to your ear and give it a gentle shake. That soft rattling sound is the silica beads that wick moisture to preserve your Nuun tablets. If you crack your cap open to get a closer look, you’re sure to have a grainy mess on your hands, but don’t worry the beads are non-toxic. With that said, our lawyers would like us to remind you not to eat the beads. The cap is not recyclable and should be thrown away (when you’re done with the tube, obviously!) in the regular trash.

The Label

We think it’s pretty self-explanatory, because we designed it to explain our product! Here you’ll find the flavor, the nutrition facts, the ingredients, our certifications, the serving suggestion, and some top-notch copywriting! The Nuun tube label is not recyclable, so peel it off the tube before disposal. We find the best way to do this is to start in the corner, then work your way down the side so you end up the one side of the label peeled away first. Then, slowly hold the edge of the label in your hand and turn the tube to peel the entire label off.

The Tube

This is where the magic happens. By that we mean: this is where the tablets of Nuun live. Our tubes are durable and conveniently sized for travel. They keep your Nuun from being crushed while bouncing around in your backpack or bag. And, Nuun tubes have lots of potential for being reused. Our newest favorite reuse is single popsicle molds. Brilliant! Here’s an additional blog post that has even more ideas for reusing your Nuun Tubes, but if you don’t want to reuse your tube you can recycle it. The tube is made with #5 plastic, and if you’re unsure if your area accepts #5 plastics in their recycling program it’s a good idea to give them a call and ask.

There you have it, folks! That’s a full breakdown of what makes a Nuun tube special. Do you have any fun suggestions for ways to reuse a tube? Do you have tips or tricks for perfectly peeling off the label? Don’t be shy! Submit your suggestions in the comments below!



  • Similar to the other comments, I love the product, but I just can’t feel good about purchasing a product so reliant on single-use plastic (even when #5 plastic is collected for recycling, it is almost never recycled). Eagerly awaiting a more sustainable solution :-)

    David on

  • I completely agree with the other comments regarding packaging. I absolutely love your products and look forward to buying them when they are sold in sustainable packaging.

    Donna Goldin on

  • I absolutely agree with the comment Clinton asked. My partner and I hesitate to buy the amount of Nuun we would like to use because of all the plastic waste. Even if tabs risk getting broken I think you would find a large market for bulk sales minus the tiny tubes. The thought power used in designing your lids should also use that ingenuity for using non-plastic alternatives in your lids and packaging. Thank you.

    Megan Lanen Simmons on

  • Hello, I need a zero plastic option for using nuun with an active lifestyle. Also a bulk option for 50 or 100 tabs. I am sure I am not alone. Thank you for your hard work in using fewer non-renewable resources.

    Clinton on

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