What’s the deal with Nuun Ambassadors?

Interested in becoming a Nuun Ambassador in 2021? Sign up to find out when applications are open again: https://ourtribe.nuunlife.com/join/

If you’re not familiar with the Nuun Ambassador program, you might have some questions. Who are the Nuun Ambassadors? What does a Nuun Ambassador do? What are the benefits of being a Nuun Ambassador? In hopes of answering your questions we put together this handy overview of life as a Nuun Ambassador.   

If you’ve just become a Nuun Ambassador, your first order of business should be to let the whole world know! You’re a Nuun Ambassador so put in on your social media, tell your friends, tell your mom! Wear Nuun gear at events and races, and definitely create your custom Athlete profile on ourtribe.nuunlife.com. Welcome to #teamnuun!

Now that you’ve shouted your #teamnuun status from the proverbial rooftops the next step is simple. Keep doing what you love doing: muuving and empowering your friends, family, and community to muuv more! Cheer on fellow runners, lend a helping hand and volunteer at events, and chase your own personal bests. You are an example of the power of muuvment. Get your muuv on and live that #nuunlife!

We already know that you love Nuun, so we’re pretty sure your friends will too. As part of the Nuun Ambassador program you’ll have the opportunity to get Nuun product samples for sharing. Spread the #nuunlove and share them at your next group fitness class, run club, or community event. If people say, “is it Noon, or Nun?”, say it’s Nuun and let them know how to use it. If they’re hydrated, they’ll feel better. You can also do the same online creating your own content or sharing ours highlighting the products and flavors you love!

The Ambassador Community
Looking for events? Yeah, we’ve got those, all over! If you’re a Nuun Ambassador, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for events in the US and Canada. From race meetups to team workouts and get togethers, you’re invited! Online too! You’re invited to join the conversation on our online Nuun Ambassadors Facebook group. We look forward to getting to know you!

Ambassador Goals
As a Nuun Ambassador we’re pretty sure Nuun is already a household name in your home. We’d love your help making it a household name in all homes. The 2019 Nuun Ambassador program was a blast: having fun, making memories, building relationships, and Muuving (a lot).

We’ve got our sights set on big things for the 2020 Nuun Ambassador Program, please join us!


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