Calm Mind, Rested Body

Sip Your Way to a More Restful Today

Nuun Rest is a nutrient-rich effervescent drink that helps to calm your busy mind and melt tension away from overworked muscles.

This soothing blend of magnesium, tart cherry, and electrolytes works to support the body’s natural relaxation responses and aid in overall calmness and recovery. Just add one tablet to hot or cold water and begin to ease your active mind and body, one sip at a time…

Active Ingredients

Our proprietary blend of calming ingredients is balanced to support the body’s natural relaxation functions. Magnesium, a mineral under-consumed in 70% of the population’s diet, soothes the mind and relaxes the body. Tart Cherry Extract is included to reduce inflammation and ease muscle soreness. Sodium aids the body in absorbing fluids and retaining nutrients, while Potassium promotes muscle relaxation and diminishes muscle cramps. Together, with its complete electrolyte profile, Nuun Rest hydrates and relaxes overworked minds and bodies.

Stress, Rest, and Staying Healthy

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety with Nuun Rest’s blend of soothing ingredients. Managing healthy stress levels is key to both your mental health and immune system health. Kick back and let the relaxation begin!

When To Use Nuun Rest

Bedtime Routine

Rest Day

Stress Reduction

Get the Facts About Rest and Recovery

Did you know that 70% of the population is not consuming the recommended amount of magnesium in their regular diet?

Did you know that the stages of sleep each have different effects on your body’s restoration and recovery?

Did you know that the quality of your sleep can be impacted by what you eat and drink in the three-hour window before bed?

Ready to Sip Your Way to a More Restful Today?

Nuun Rest

Blackberry Vanilla

Nuun Rest

Lemon Chamomile

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Clean Hydration

10 calories per tablet. 1g of sugar. No artificial sweeteners. Soy free. Dairy free. Gluten free. Vegan. Verified Non-GMO. Kosher. Made with ingredients sourced from nature.

Learn more about our commitment to Clean Hydration, Clean Planet, and Clean Sport.