Prime. Endurance. Recover.

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Nuun Hydration Podium Series canisters: Prime, Endurance, and Recover

The Podium Series is a 3-part hydration system designed for high-effort and high-performance exercise.

When training ramps up, so should your hydration and recovery strategies. The Podium Series is used as a primary hydration system for high-intensity training blocks. Consider it your secret weapon to feeling and performing your best through the thick of training.

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Nuun Prime, our plant-based pre-workout mix, prepares the body for peak performance by enhancing retention of H20 and amino acids for optimal hydration and decreased central nervous system fatigue with electrolytes, vegan BCAAs, and adaptogens made from panax ginseng.

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Electrolytes: Essential to complete hydration

BCAAs: Assists in mental acuity, and muscle energy and workout preparation

Prebiotic Fiber (Inulin): Reduces GI stress for workouts

Adaptogens (Panax Ginseng): Aids in stress reduction, focus & cognitive support during exercise

Caffeine: Provides an extra boost of energy. Only available in some flavors.

Cane Sugar (vegan): Carbohydrate that works with Dextrose and Sodium to aid in fluid delivery

Dextrose: Carbohydrate that works with sodium to aid in fluid transport

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Hydration for the journey, not just the finish line. Nuun Endurance was designed with the latest in hydration research for the specific physiological demands for athletic activities lasting more than 90 minutes. With a proprietary balance of clean carbs and complete electrolytes, Nuun Endurance is your long-haul hydration.

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Dextrose: Carbohydrate that works with sodium to aid in fluid transport

Cane Sugar (vegan): Carbohydrate that works with Dextrose and Sodium to aid in fluid delivery

Potassium Citrate: An electrolyte that helps with fluid balance

Potassium Chloride: Electrolyte sources that aid in fluid balance and replenishment

Magnesium Citrate: An electrolyte that aids in muscle function

Calcium Citrate: An electrolyte that aids in muscle and bone function

Sodium Citrate: Electrolyte that helps retain fluids

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Jumpstart your rehydration and muscle repair with Nuun Recover. Made with electrolytes and a potent blend of 3:1:1 BCAAs that deliver the muscle recovery benefits of 30g of protein. Nuun Recover immediately goes to work to invigorate post-workout muscle rebuild and accelerate full body recovery in order to optimize the time between cool-down and your next nourishing meal.

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Electrolytes: Aids in rapid rehydration

BCAAs: Supports fast-acting muscle repair

L-Glutamine: Supports the immune system

Dextrose: A carbohydrate that works with sodium to aid in fluid transport

Cane Sugar (vegan): A carbohydrate that works with Dextrose and Sodium to aid in fluid delivery

“Being well-hydrated is the key to good performance. I like to drink The Podium Series before and after a long workout because the mix of carbohydrates and electrolytes keeps me from bonking in between my run and my gym session. I love knowing that I have the best tools in my arsenal to help me workout and recover well!

Emma Coburn
Olympic Medalist

“Using The Podium Series I definitely feel more energized and well-balanced before, during, and after my workouts. I not only perform better but have fewer stomach issues and it definitely helps delay the onset of fatigue.”

Matt Wilpers
Senior Peloton Instructor

“I have been chronically dehydrated for most of my athletic career and have tried various methods to get the mixture right, but nothing hit the spot... The Podium Series however, did create a measurable change. Increasing my electrolyte levels and rehydrating my body has made the biggest difference. I feel less sore and better prepared to tackle the next session.”

Annie Thorisdottir
2x Crossfit Games Champion

Get the Facts About The Podium Series

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Did you know that all of Nuun’s products are clean sport certified to ensure that’s no risk of cross contamination or the accidental ingestion of banned substances?

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Did you know that Nuun Endurance has been served on course at some of the world’s largest marathons? Find out where you’ll see us next!

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Did you know that most BCAAs found in sports supplements are made from bird feathers? Yuck.
Our BCAAs are 100% vegan, just like all our products.

Ready to Elevate Your Performance?

Nuun Rest

PRIME: Fresh Berry

Nuun Rest

PRIME: Orange + Caffeine

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Nuun Rest

ENDURANCE: Strawberry Lemonade + Caffeine

Nuun Rest

RECOVER: Lemonade

Nuun Rest

RECOVER: Blackberry Lemon

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Clean Hydration

10 calories per tablet. 1g of sugar. No artificial sweeteners. Soy free. Dairy free. Gluten free. Vegan. Verified Non-GMO. Kosher. Made with ingredients sourced from nature.

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