nuun immunity

get back to balanced

hydrate and restore with pure clean immune support*

Supercharge your immune system

Whether you’re sick, on-the-go, or stressing your body through high intensity workouts, Nuun Immunity’s propriety mix of botanicals and electrolytes aids in the protection of your immune system. With a balance of anti-inflammatories (including Turmeric & Ginger), free-radical fighting antioxidants (such as Elderberry & Echinacea), and our hydration-optimized blend of electrolytes, Nuun Immunity packs a triple punch in supporting immune health and protecting against common cold and flu symptoms.

hydrate and restore

We designed nuun immunity around the baseline of a healthy immune system: HYDRATION! 1 serving (tablet) is served with 16 oz. of water, providing your body with a botanical boost and the h2o it needs for ongoing immune health. Enjoy up to six servings per day.

each tablet contains:

elderberry extract - plant-based antioxidant

organic turmeric - plant-based anti-inflammatory + antioxidant

Echinacea purpurea - plant-based antioxidant

Organic ginger powder - plant-based anti-inflammatory

Zinc/selenium - antioxidants

Vitamins a, c, d and e - antioxidants

Electrolytes - magnesium, potassium, chloride, calcium, sodium

Organic sugar - binder, sweetener, helps facilitate absorption of vitamins/minerals

Citric acid - plays key role in effervescence, used for production

Stevia leaf extract - zero-calorie, plant-based sweetener

Avocado oil - clean, plant-based oil for production

Rice concentrate - flow agent/anti-clumping agent, used for production

Nuun Immunity

get back to balanced

hydrate and restore with pure clean immune support*

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