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you push yourself hard – nuun performance hydration powder helps you achieve your personal best

electrolytes + carbohydrates precisely balanced to hydrate you better during long or strenuous effort.

balanced hydration

for marathons, cycling, triathlons and other intense activities, optimizing fuel consumption can make the difference between a PR and a painful finish. That’s why Nuun partnered with sports nutrition expert, Dr. Stacy Sims, to develop Nuun Performance hydration powder – so you no longer need to risk ‘gastric distress’ to stay hydrated and fueled.

  • the precise ratio and kinds of electrolytes and carbohydrates + fluid that are more fully absorbed during strenuous effort
  • ingredients in their purest forms to be more usable – like dried fruit powder instead of flavoring + fillers.
  • powder form allows you to make exactly as much as you need each time

*Everyone needs a minimum of 30 grams of carb per hour per the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). Weight, gender, duration and intensity all influence how much more, if any, is needed.

*To personalize, start at your baseline based on the chart, see how you feel during your workouts, and adjust up or down.

Individual metabolism can change the amount needed by up to 10%.

Ironman or equivalent levels of effort can increase carb needs per hour by up to an additional 35%.

*Nuun Performance has ~1g of carb per fluid ounce. Makes the math easier!

performance hydration through electrolytes + carbohydrates

carbs don’t just provide energy during strenuous effort. The right ratio and kind of carbohydrate + electrolytes in water* helps your system absorb the combination for hydration, plus primes your system to more easily digest the additional carbohydrates you eat for energy.

* 3-3.5% ratio of carb to water and an osmolality of 250 mOsm is ideal for hard effort

each serving contains:

Nuun performance hydration powder contains all certified non-GMO ingredients:

  • Dextrose: carbohydrate that works with sodium to aid in fluid transport
  • Cane Sugar (vegan): a carbohydrate that works with Dextrose and Sodium to aid in fluid delivery
  • Dried Fruit Powder: pure clean flavoring without fillers
  • Sodium Citrate: electrolyte that helps retain fluids
  • Citric Acid: helps stabilize flavoring and provides a crisp taste
  • Potassium Citrate: electrolyte that helps with fluid balance
  • Potassium Chloride: electrolyte, in the form that is most absorbable during exercise
  • Magnesium Citrate: electrolyte that aids in muscle function
  • Calcium Citrate: electrolyte that aids in muscle and bone function

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you push yourself hard –  nuun performance helps you achieve your personal best

Electrolytes + carbohydrates precisely balanced to hydrate you better during long or strenuous effort.

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