Free Shipping—How do I get it?
Our standard shipping cost is $4.99. Free shipping automatically applies to all purchases over $45 (after...
General Questions
Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?
At Nuun, we stand behind our products and quality controls. You can learn more about our 120-day...
General Questions
What are the nutritional facts and ingredients for all Nuun products?
You can find our products' nutrition labels on the product listing.
General Questions
I found a tube and it’s expired, can I still consume it? Can I get a replacement?
We recommend consuming our products within 6 months after the ‘best by’ date if still sealed,...
General Questions
How many tablets of Nuun can I consume per day?
Consumption differs by individual and product line, depending on activity, sweating and medical needs. That said, most people...
General Questions
I have food allergies. Is Nuun safe for me?
All of our products are soy and dairy free! We are gluten free and vegan certified....
General Questions
What do I do if I notice something is wrong with my order, or when I receive the product? 
Feel free to email ( or call us toll-free at 855-426-6886 with any questions, comments, concerns...
General Questions
Does Nuun ship internationally?
Please visit our international distribution page for more information on how to find Nuun worldwide. At this time...
General Questions
Why isn't my promo code working?
Check the items in your cart to see if there are any bundles, 8-packs, or subscription...
General Questions
Is Nuun safe for children? 
All Nuun branded products do not contain any nutrients that cannot be consumed by children, and...
General Questions
Is Nuun safe for diabetics?
Nuun electrolytes and Nuun vitamins contain very minimal amounts of both carbs and sugar. We use 1 gram...
General Questions
Can I consume Nuun if I’m pregnant? 
Many of our team-members have drank Nuun all through their pregnancy. However, we always recommended consulting...
General Questions
Can I overdose on Nuun? 
Most of the nutrients in Nuun are water-soluble, any excessive consumption will be excreted through urine....
General Questions
Can Nuun help me hydrate? 
All Nuun branded products contain a blend of electrolytes to help aid in physical process of...
General Questions
Does Nuun contain corn derivatives?
All Nuun products contain corn-derived dextrose and citric acid derived from fermented molasses and non-GMO corn....
General Questions

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