Nuun & My Keto Life

By: Nuun Ambassador Stephanie Laska, M. Ed of DIRTY, LAZY, KETO 

What do celery, avocados, bottles of water and Nuun have in common? These are the staples of my snack bag as I head to work each morning.

 That wasn’t always the case, however. It wasn’t long ago that my days were fueled by soda and chips. I weighed close to 300 pounds back then, but have since lost 140 pounds, or half of my body weight, following a keto-inspired diet.

A weird thing happened, I noticed, when my body was fueled from ketones (fat burning), rather than glucose (carbohydrate burning). I’d go to the bathroom, like, A LOT! This is a normal side effect of using ketones as an alternative fuel source. To complicate things even further, I exercise often. I run, lift weights, enjoy yoga, and in general, try hard not to sit still. AND, it’s hot where I live in sunny California - so many things are working against my fluid levels!

To make sure I don’t get dehydrated or have problems with electrolyte imbalance, I make a conscious commitment to replenish my system with

Nuun spiked water. I eat a variety of healthy vegetables each day, but I know my keto lifestyle and taxing fitness routine demand more electrolytes. I find adding Nuun tablets to bottled water is more convenient than purchasing pre-made sports drinks, and the variety of flavors never disappoint. Because Nuun Sport only contains 1g of sugar, I don’t worry about my daily carb count getting thrown off.

 Staying in ketosis is important to me. I didn’t work THIS hard for my fitness and health only to have mysterious foods or ingredients throw my system out of whack. I am extremely careful about my food and drink selection, and do a lot of research into what I’m putting into my body. I trust Nuun to deliver a ketosis-friendly solution to my ongoing dietary needs. Not only am I getting a quick and convenient delivery method for electrolytes (sorry, I don’t have time to make bone broth!), but I am thrilled not to add refined sugars to my sports drink.

Thanks to Nuun and being half the person I used to be, I finished my very first marathon in first place (thank you, Athena division!) I went on to run a dozen more, even as a sponsored athlete for the largest marathon in the world! I’ve learned that what I do every single day matters more than what I do once in a while. For me, it’s the little things, like daily Nuun and my bag of healthy snacks, get me to the finish line.

About author: Stephanie is a Nuun Ambassador and best-selling Amazon author of the book Dirty, Lazy, Keto: Getting Started: How I lost 140 pounds

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